Our commitment to the communities we serve starts with Safety.

At Enviro Meditech Pratama, safety is a core value and a cornerstone of operational excellence. This philosophy is embedded in the way we work, the decisions we make and the actions we take.

With more than 50,000 employees and over 25,000 trucks on the road every day, we fully recognize our responsibility to protect our employees, our communities and our customers. Our goal is to attain world-class safety and, more importantly, to be among the safest companies in our industry. Our plan of action is called Mission to Zero (M2Z), which means zero tolerance for unsafe actions, unsafe decisions, unsafe conditions, unsafe equipment and unsafe attitudes.

The cornerstone of M2Z is training, which provides classroom and on-the-job site instruction in safety fundamentals for supervisors, drivers and helpers. Operations Rule Book, Driving Science Series videos and Electronic Observation Behavior Assessments are just a few of the tools available to our frontline managers to help them to develop our employees.

M2Z seeks to enhance understanding, change behaviors and develop company leaders who can make a difference and train and lead others.

M2Z does not seek to find fault or punish people. M2Z is about being hard on facts and easy on people.

Enviro Meditech Pratama sites measure safety performance continually to monitor our progress in achieving the goals of M2Z and reducing incident and injury frequency and severity.

Through established safety processes and procedures, we seek to achieve the goals of M2Z, improving our employee and customer satisfaction.